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Stembrook Market Review - Fourth Quarter 2020

In this market review we'll take a peek into our forecasts and portfolio positioning for 2021. There are a number of interesting trends and unique challenges facing markets this year, and this document will give you more insight into our perspectives about how to navigate them.

Should you consider retiring early during the pandemic? Thumbnail

Should you consider retiring early during the pandemic?

The pandemic has added a new dimension to the question of “when to retire?” The thought of retiring early during the pandemic has certainly crossed many people’s minds. If you are 5 to 10 years away from retirement and could conceivably retire now, does it make sense to go back into the office and grapple with the uncertainties of returning to the workplace in a pandemic? For those who are considering retiring early during the pandemic, the key things to consider are financial readiness, what your lifestyle will be like after retiring and how to plan your estate.