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Interest Has Become Interesting

In this edition, we discuss the impact of rising interest rates and how they relate to our portfolio and the overall economy. We also discuss the behavioral pitfalls that investors face in an aging bull market. Finally, we discuss geopolitical issues that challenge today's investor.

Ever Tried to Push a Car? How About a String?

In this edition, we discuss the U.S. economic recovery in light of global events, Fed stimulus and U.S. politics. We present evidence that the Fed's plan to taper and the subsequent rise in interest rates does not preordain weak future equity returns. This discussion is followed by a review of our portfolio positioning based on current economic and market factors.

Keels, Steals and No Deals

In this edition, we discuss key portfolio risks that all investors should avoid, what's attractive in today's market environment, and how recent decisions in Washington are impacting our portfolio investments and our global outlook.