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You’ve built your dream.
We help you manage it.

Stembrook provides caring and sophisticated wealth management to individuals and families who are passionate about realizing their dreams.

Our clients are busy, striving individuals 
and families who have worked hard to achieve their goals.


Our executive clients value having a strategic partner to turn to for asset management decisions as they navigate complex career priorities

Owners/ Entrepreneurs

Investment and tax strategies to maximize the value of liquidity events, mitigate risk exposures, and prioritize wealth preservation

Independent Individuals

Whether you’re still working or not, financial independence often brings a need to delegate research and decision-making to a trusted and objective partner

Goal-Oriented Families

We help families preserve their wealth and family legacy, which requires a broader view and an ability to engage with multiple generations of stakeholders

Whether you are accumulating assets, in the process of managing a liquidity event, or strategizing for long-term wealth distribution, we’re here to provide you with attentive and objective guidance at every stage.

The Stembrook Approach

We stand out for:

Our comprehensive understanding of the many financial, legal, and tax strategies available to wealthy investors

Our methodical, individualized planning process, which accounts for the many unique factors in your financial life and your overall outlook and values

Our ability to take responsibility for managing your financial resources, so that you can focus on managing your life

Whether you’ve just started the process of exploring your options, or have something more specific in mind, we’d love to hear from you.

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Working Together


Investment Management


Stembrook believes that asset allocation decisions have the single largest impact on long-term returns. We are not keen on chasing the hottest trades or trying to time the market. Instead, our focus is on designing the appropriate mix of stock, bond, and other asset classes in a portfolio and making calibrated adjustments as market conditions and your personal situation change. All of our decisions are based upon rigorous research and decades of experience at top tier investment firms.

At relationship inception, Stembrook collaborates with clients to define appropriate risk levels based on goals and risk tolerance. We then implement the investment portfolio and monitor clients’ progress over time.

Financial Planning


Our approach incorporates an understanding of the client’s major goals. We then create a financial plan that plots a course while allowing for the inevitable course corrections that life requires. Our financial planning process includes cash flow forecasting as well as tax planning.

Estate Planning


At the center of our process for helping our clients with estate planning is an understanding of the legacy that the individual, family, or business wants to leave. We work with all involved parties such as your attorney or accountant to ensure that the needs of all generations, present and future, are honored.

Business Advisory


Many successful business owners have been able to benefit from strategies that mitigate risk, help protect assets, and reduce taxes. An example of such a solution is a 1042 exchange in which business owners may reap tax savings on capital gains by selling stock to an ESOP and investing in Qualified Replacement Property.

Divorce Financial Planning


For families that are in a divorce transition, we have been trained in collaborative and mediated divorce best practices and apply this knowledge to the unique financial planning challenges and opportunities that divorce presents. We can help you to create a clear path forward and a profound sense of control over your financial future.


number one Jersey City, NJ | Stembrook Asset Management

Determine the key drivers of investment return

Extensive research and analysis of financial and economic data are used to develop insights as to the drivers of returns.

number two Jersey City, NJ | Stembrook Asset Management

Adjust portfolio allocations around strategic targets

Limits are placed on investments in each asset class, allowing for market fluctuations while limiting the impact of market shocks.

number three Jersey City, NJ | Stembrook Asset Management

Select optimal investment vehicles

Selection is based upon key factors expected to impact operating costs, taxes, investment returns, and volatility.

number four Jersey City, NJ | Stembrook Asset Management

Consult with advisory board

Our Board includes experts in economics, tax and estate planning, equity analysis, global fixed income, foundations and endowments, and global sustainability.

Meet Your Team

Peter D’Agati, CFA Photo

Peter D’Agati, CFA

Founder and President
Read Bio

Peter is the Founder and President of Stembrook Asset Management, and is actively involved in all investment and research activities of the firm.

Prior to founding Stembrook, Peter was founder and Head of Portfolio Strategy Research at Brown Brothers Harriman. In this role, he was responsible for developing the high-level investment strategies for high-net-worth individuals, endowments, foundations, trusts, and institutions, representing $45 billion of investment assets. Strategies included a broad range of traditional and alternative asset classes, and incorporated tax planning, risk management and liquidity considerations. Peter served as Chairman of the Investment Committee responsible for selecting investments for inclusion in client portfolios and served on the Alternative Assets Investment Policy Committee. Peter also co-founded Brown Brothers Harriman’s Tax-Efficient Risk Management practice, and was the senior researcher in charge of portfolio risk management and tax-efficient asset management for private clients. Previously, Peter spent four years with Lazard Asset Management where he developed a variety of sophisticated tools designed to measure, manage and evaluate client portfolios across countries and currencies.

Peter earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Finance from Providence College, with honors. He is a holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a member of both the CFA Institute and the CFA Society New York. Peter has been an invited speaker at numerous investor forums including Columbia Business School, the Institute for Private Investors and the Financial Planning Association.


    • Providence College, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Finance, with honors
    • Chartered Financial Analyst designation
    • FINRA Investment Advisor Representative (Series 65)

    Just for Fun

    Peter is an active member of his community, sitting on the Board of the Historic Paulus Hook Association for community preservation and development. He serves and has previously served as an advisor to various for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.  Peter and his wife, Jenn enjoy raising their two young boys in a brownstone they renovated in Jersey City, NJ.  In his free time, Peter enjoys sailing, fine woodworking, and creating fine objects in leather.

    Tom Kosinski Photo

    Tom Kosinski

    Portfolio Manager
    Read Bio

    Tom is a Portfolio Manager and has been with Stembrook since 2010. Tom counsels clients and directs the firms daily trading and rebalancing activities. Since joining as an analyst, Tom has enhanced and continued to develop the asset allocation models that the firm uses for building client portfolios and forecasting asset class returns. In addition, Tom has refined the Stembrook Wealth Planning tool, used in developing clients’ personalized Stembrook Strategic Investment Plan. Prior to joining Stembrook, Tom worked at Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management and Lucas Capital Management.


    • Villanova University, BA, Finance and Economics
    • FINRA Investment Advisor Representative (Series 65)

    Just for Fun

    Tom lives in Red Bank, New Jersey with his wife Martha. When not in the office, Tom spends most of his time on the water. He has a passion for saltwater fly and light tackle fishing and competitive sailing and has published numerous articles and presents seminars on saltwater fishing. Tom and Martha enjoy traveling and attending Villanova basketball games when they are not spending time on the water.


    Q & A

    question mark How are you compensated?

    We are a fee-only, fiduciary wealth management firm. This means that we are only compensated for the advice and investment management we provide, based upon your assets under management. We never accept commissions. We believe this fee structure aligns best with our clients’ interests.


    question mark Where are my assets held?

    Your assets will be held at Charles Schwab, one of the industry’s most prestigious custodians.


    question mark How will I be protected from cybercrime?

    We take cybercrime very seriously. Our custodian, Charles Schwab has extensive safeguards in place to protect your assets and your confidential information. In addition to Stembrook’s systems and internal procedures, which are designed to minimize the risk, we place an emphasis on educating our clients about how to avoid risky cybersecurity behaviors. On an ongoing basis, we provide clients with advice on how to minimize their cybercrime risks both in their investments and their lives.


    Yes. We work with individuals, families, and business owners with $2 million or more of investable assets.

    question mark How will we meet?

    We will meet in a variety of ways according to your preferences: in person, phone, virtually.


    question mark What is a CFA® designation?

    Contact Us

    Handcrafted investment management and 

    wealth planning solutions, customized for you.

    Your unique goals and challenges matched with our decades of experience lets you realize your vision

    A note from our founder

    Welcome to our website!  We're thrilled you stopped by.  I hope you find the following summary gives you a good sense for who we are, who we serve and our organizing principles.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions or comments.  I'd love to hear from you.

    People come to us when they want thoughtful advice backed by a depth of knowledge and experience. 



    Our clients tend to be busy and striving people.  A young founder of a marketing agency that wants to get her and her husband started on the right financial footing.  A partner at a private equity firm that doesn't want to look up from a busy career in 10 years and realize he and his family missed the bigger financial picture.  A tech entrepreneur that is busy raising a family and never wants to have to have a boss again.  A retired founder that wants to make sure their philanthropic legacy is wisely deployed and that their family will be in capable hands if something were to happen to them.  Almost half of our clients are independent women, successful in careers and intent on wisely planning for the future.  In many cases, we work with an external team of seasoned experts in the areas of accounting, estate planning and insurance to ensure that our clients' financial lives are well coordinated.  We are more than happy to work with your team, as well. 


    A common thread that runs through our client family is a willingness to take the process seriously, an ability to delegate and a desire to learn - to whatever extent their interest and capacity allows. 



    I started in the investment management industry in 1993.  From the very beginning, I made a conscious choice to be on the, "buy side."  That's industry-speak for, "I want to be sitting on the same side of the table as my clients.  Buying things FOR them, not selling things TO them."  Hard work and long days at Lazard Asset Management and Brown Brothers Harriman culminated in my having my dream job at 35, overseeing asset allocation and manager research for over $45 Billion in client assets across individuals, families, trusts, foundations and endowments.  I also managed an international mutual fund, co-founded a concentrated stock risk management group - advising clients on how to protect their fortunes before the dot-com bubble burst.  I also helped to pioneer the wealth planning process that our advisors used with their clients, long before wealth planning was a popular thing.  I founded Stembrook with the belief that a service combining a strong technical background with a passion for treating our clients as we would our own family would be sure to succeed - and I wasn't disappointed. 



    Clients typically pay us based on a percentage of the assets we manage for them.  We strongly believe that this best aligns our interests.  That said, not all clients are the same and we can tailor our fees based on the time and complexity of a given client situation.  Clients tend to range in size from $1-20+ million of investable assets, but that doesn't preclude us from partnering with those still growing to this level of wealth.  If you're not sure if we're a good fit, we'd be glad to have a conversation and, at the very least, we'll both learn something in the process.



    When I'm not in the office, I keep busy raising two young boys with my wife, Jenn in Fair Haven, NJ.  I am an avid sailor and racer and like to teach sailing when time permits.  I also enjoy creating fine objects in wood and leather, mixing both machine tools and precise hand tools, in the process.  I am actively involved in our community and have served on the boards of both non-profit and for-profit organizations.  

    Please reach out to me if you'd like to discuss if we'd be a good fit for you.  I'd love to hear from you.

    Peter D'Agati, CFA

    Founder & President