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What Happened This Week? Thumbnail

What Happened This Week?

Given the market volatility this week, we thought we would quickly touch base to let you know what we’re seeing and what we’re thinking. The following are our notes on a few of the more notable events of the week:

What is an ESOP?

An ESOP, or Employee Stock Ownership Plan, is a way to give employee's a chance to have an ownership stake in their company. As an employer, you contribute stock to a trust fund that's set up for the benefit of employees. You can also borrow money to buy new or existing company shares.

What is a 1042 Exchange?

There’s a whole acronym soup of tax and planning strategies available to business owners—and some of the more complicated ones require a great deal of experience to execute well. One strategy that can be very advantageous to business owners is the 1042 exchange. In this brief article, we will walk you through the broad outlines of what this strategy entails and how business owners can use it to plan for the next stage in life.