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Stembrook’s logo is inspired by a nautical charting symbol called a Deduced Reckoning or Dead Reckoning (DR for short). This symbol marks one’s current and planned positions on a nautical chart based on the best information available at the time, and may be used to plot a course for an afternoon sail or a voyage across oceans. This symbol embodies the spirit of Stembrook’s planning process as well as our investment strategies. We use current market data and historical research to project a course for our clients’ portfolios based on their desired destination. This plan, just as a nautical DR, is subject to the uncertainties of reality, whether they be wind and currents or inflation and global economic conditions. Thus, the plan is monitored and recalibrated on a regular basis.

Just as with nautical charting, the course one follows is never exactly the course one plans, but embarking on a journey with a clear destination in mind and a well thought out plan to get there is a critical component of success.
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