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  • Long-term return and volatility expectations are constructed for asset classes.
  • Extensive research and analysis of key financial and economic data are used to develop investment perspectives and insights.
  • Investments are considered in a historical context.
  • A knowledge-intensive process balances the passion of conviction with the realities of uncertainty.
  • Limits are placed on investments in each asset class, allowing for the application of investment insights while limiting the impact of unanticipated events.
  • Established financial concepts combined with the investment acumen of experienced professionals provides key inputs to the investment process.
  • Ideas generated through this process are, where possible, tested using rigorous quantitative methods.
  • Investment vehicles are selected based on key factors expected to impact operating costs, taxes, investment returns, and volatility.
  • Stembrook’s Advisory Board is comprised of experts in economics, tax and estate planning, equity analysis, global fixed income, foundations & endowments, and global sustainability.
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